Rudely Interrupted tour Italy & USA

Band Italy-hr

Fantastic times for the band in Italy, performing their music with the very prestigious Alberto Pio Orchestra. An incredible 80pc orchestra conducted by Matteo Ferrari.

Performing with the orchestra makes you feel like you’re swimming in chocolate, it wraps around you like a soft cushion, or a silk cloth floating down from a height, really incredible experience.

The orchestra loved the guys, and ended up chanting Rory’s name at one point, really exciting for everyone. I’m sure we’ll get back to Italy one day soon, it was special!

USA Twenty Wonder Carnival of the Mind

Watch these Hollywood stars introduce Twenty Wonder and Rudely Interrupted. The most awesome party we performed at in LA, and it was the most amazingly unique event/show we’ve ever been involved in. Every turn there’s something colourful and strange happening, a carnival of the mind is what it is. Derby Dolls, HR Puffin Stuff, Rudely Interrupted, what else can one ask for in a night out downtown.