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Here’s what VICE TV said about ‘Don’t Break My Heart’

Here’s a little mental exercise for the late afternoon: Close your eyes and picture your ultimate, fantasy-league rock band. Got it? OK, now disregard what you just brained up and listen to our perfect band. It is: Udo from Accept playing bass, Mama Kass on tams, the drummer from the Happy Mondays, Ricky Gervais doing some keyboard stuff, and Hamish Kilgour from ‘the Clean singing and playing guitar. Pretty good start, right? Now just to push things into fantasy overload, let’s give Udo and Kass Down Syndrome, Ricky and Hamish both Aspergers, and the drummer another form of autism.

OK, while we’re tinkering, how about making the singer blind from birth but giving him perfect pitch, a deep-seated fascination with traffic lights, and the swagger of a younger, far better looking Noel Gallagher? Oh! And let’s make the whole group Australian. There. Done. Absolutely perfect.

Now that you have tasted from the honeypot of our dreams, you will be pleased to learn that our fantasy band actually exists in the form of Melbourne’s Rudely Interrupted. Trace Crutchfield of How’s Your News hipped us to them on the eve of their first ever world tour, and they’ve been on permanent rotation in our playlists and brains ever since. And before anybody hauls out the old “outsider music” tag, you should realize there’s a difference between Jandek banging around half a piano in the woods and extremely well-crafted music by a bunch of guys who happen to be saddled with slightly wonky sets of genes. We’re not trying to cast aspersions on the luminaries of the “outsider” scene, just saying if you locked the entire lineup of Songs in the Key of Z in a room together, I doubt they would ever come up with a song about neck pimples that sounds like the Meat Puppets, or anything as mercilessly infectious as RI’s “Don’t Break My Heart.” Vice TV





**YOU CAN PASS on this offer and continue to your SPECIAL $10.00 offer here