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“Now that you have tasted from the honeypot of our dreams, you will be pleased to learn that our fantasy band actually exists in the form of Melbourne’s Rudely Interrupted“.

A rock-documentary with a difference… RUDELY INTERRUPTED follows a band of disabled individuals on their first world tour. As well as the usual challenges of touring, this band has to contend with aspergers, down syndrome, blindness and deafness. But this doesn’t stop them from rocking out. The documentary of the same name follows Rudely Interrupted from the pub stages of Melbourne, to the UN in New York, Canada and UK.

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Jim Schembri, December 3 2009 “It’s all euphoria and excitement when the announcement is made that the alt-rock band, Rudely Interrupted, is to tour overseas and make history being the first pop group ever to perform at the United Nations in New York”. “Their story comes across as a genuine achievement rather than as a patronising fairytale of triumph over adversity”. order