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‘Their music is some of the most energetic and genuine to emerge from the Australian rock ‘n’ roll underground in recent times.” Timeout Sydney

1. Close My Eyes
2. Don’t Break My Heart
3. Get Me Outta Here
4. If You Wannit
5. Green Lights
6. Sleepwalk

7. The Pimple Song
8. I’m So Tired
9. My Only Wish
10. In Our Dreams

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Rudely Interrupted’s sound lives in the 80′s underground pop/rock scene. The band writes around different themes, from romance, to animals, but mostly the band writes big feel good songs. Rudely Interrupted’s melodies and infectious hooks have gathered them a worldwide audience that keeps growing and growing.

The leading single for Tragedy of the Commons was ‘Close My Eyes’ the song was used for an advertising campaign with Leo Burnett and Scope. The music video won a massive prestigious prize, Cannes Lions Award for Good and made the top 20 iTunes chats in Luxembourg out selling ‘Nickel Back’ to make the 20th spot.


There’s no doubt Rudely Interrupted can rock and roll with the best of them, we know the people are behind us and we use our music to reach out to people and gather an army of support because we believe a band like us, should be celebrated like any other artists.

Tragedy of the Commons The idea of the title came from an old English term used when everyone shared certain areas of towns for ‘Common’ purpose. Common area’s were used by many several farmers in times of hardship. If one particular group used the common without being in hardship, the area became over used it was a tragedy for all the community.

The message – Support, share, include and there’s more than enough for all..

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